Our Story

Welcome to the Texas Yankee Workshop ! We're so glad you're here ! When we started this company in 2019, it was a creative outlet for Chris' woodworking, where he could showcase some of his pieces and possibly sell them.

Since that time we have set out to create a brand that not only creates and showcases our handmade products and designs, but to influence other independent crafters and makers and support their businesses. The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well, especially in these current times. The uncertainty of the last two years have made a lot of people fearful, nervous and unsure on what to do next. 

We want to give back to our community for their endless support. We like to meet new people and interact with them through our Facebook groups and other social media.  We want to show our children that working hard and putting in effort does have its rewards.  Most of all we want to give inspiration to those thinking of starting a new business and taking their destiny into their own hands to be successful. If we can do it, you can do it.

With Love and Happiness,