Order Your Custom Tumbler

At the Texas Yankee Workshop, we offer two types of tumblers available for customization. Our Epoxy Tumbler comes in 20oz, 30oz, 35oz and 40oz sizes. These tumblers are sealed with an FDA approved food-grade epoxy which gives a glass like finish. We can create most designs on an epoxy tumbler. The processing time on a custom epoxy tumbler is approximately 1-2 weeks depending on the current order queue. 

Our Sublimation Tumbler currently is only available in 20oz sizes. Sublimation Tumblers are created by using a high-heat transfer process and doesn't require sealing like our epoxy tumblers. Designing a sublimation tumbler comes with much more options than epoxy tumblers. Photos and elaborate designs tend to show better on our sublimation tumblers. The processing on a sublimation tumbler takes approximately 1-3 days depending on the current order queue. To start a Custom Tumbler from the Texas Yankee Workshop, please choose from the options below.

Custom Epoxy Tumblers  Custom Sublimation Tumblers