My Coffee Rub Steak Recipe

My wife and I went to the Capital Grille for our anniversary one year and we tried the thick coffee rub steak. It was amazing ! Great flavor all around.

Of course a trip to the Capital Grille isn’t something we can do every day or every month for that matter so I wanted to try and perfect a coffee rub steak and have my wife try it for an honest review to see if I closely matched the taste of the Capital Grille. She absolutely loves it so I’m going to give you the recipe here and you can try it and comment below and let me know if I hit the nail on the head ! 

I start with good meat. I get a prime rib eye steak that is thick and has a good marble look. I’m not a meat expert so I’m not pretending to be, but what I’ve learned the more marble the better flavor. Sams club has some great rib eyes but I’m sure you can find it at your local supermarket or meat market. The key I find to get the best tenderness is to unwrap it, salt it and leave it in the fridge at least 24 hours before grilling uncovered. Let the meat age !

Next for the rub I get a quality coffee. If you can grind your own beans go for it, I cheat a little and do instant standard coffee. (I’m sure that some who read this will be upset for me saying that but it is what it is). About an hour before grilling I get about 1/4 cup of the coffee and I shake in some salt and pepper and also a mix about a 1/8 cup of Montreal Steak Seasoning by McCormick which you can find in any supermarket. I mix it all in a paper plate (I hate making dirty dishes) and make sure it’s blended well. I then rub a little olive oil on the steak for good adherence. I push the meat into the rub making sure I’m getting 95% coverage on both sides and then I put it back into the fridge for a little bit longer. I do take it out about a half an hour before grilling to get the meat acclimated. 

Grilling is next I fire up my grill and I get the temp to about 250-300 degrees. I then place the steak directly on the grate and let it stay for about 4-6 mins.  I then flip it over and do the same thing. A meat thermometer is key. A little red in the middle is the best way to serve this steak but I know some people have a preference of cooking. A temp of about 135-150 in the middle is best. Also I spray a little olive oil while I’m grilling to get that crust on the outside. Getting the flames to briefly lick the sides of the steak makes that happen. 

After grilling I shut the flames off and let it sit letting the meat finish itself with its own heat and remaining heat inside the grill. 

I usually serve this with a grilled asparagus which I sit in olive oil and put on the upper part of my grill. The best time frame for grilling asparagus is about 45 mins.

So, tell me what you think. Comment below if you tried this recipe and how did it turn out ? I’d love to hear from you 


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