I Tried Gordon Ramsay’s Method For Cooking Steak And Here Is The Result

Recently I posted my recipe for my coffee rub steak and I hope that you have tried it and liked it. I tried it with an espresso coffee rub which might be a great addition to this recipe.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the premiere chefs in the world. Love him or hate him if you can get through the cussing and rudeness (which by the way I believe most of it is an act for TV) Gordon has a lot of knowledge on how to be an amazing cook in your own household.  Recently, I watched a YouTube video on how he cooks the perfect steak on a stovetop in just about five minutes. The video seemed unbelievable so I challenged myself to give it a shot and see if it was true.

I took my coffee rub steak recipe and gave it a go with Gordon’s method. If you would like to revisit my coffee rub steak recipe you can do so by clicking here.

First you have to start with a good cut of steak. A nice thick NY strip is perfect. The more marbleized it is the better flavor you’re going to experience. The steaks need to be at room temperature so that it cooks evenly with this method. Take the steak out of the fridge and salt and pepper that sucker to get the good flavor and tenderness. About 20-30 minutes before cooking is what I did.

I took an iron skillet and coated the surface with oil. I prefer an olive oil. Put the burner on medium high and let it heat up. When the skillet starts to smoke it’s time to start.

Take the steak and place in the middle of the skillet and push the middle down into the center so you can cook it evenly.  After about 30 seconds you will get a nice crust on that side. Take a pair of tongs and if you’re steak has some fat on the side turn the steak on that side and hold with the tongs for about 20-30 seconds to get that fat cooking as well. Then flip the steak on the other side. This is where the countdown begins. Leave it cooking in the oil for one minute and then flip again for another minute. At this time add a nice spoonful of butter and garlic if you prefer. Let the butter melt. 

Flip the steak and this time while the steak is cooking tip the pan at a 45 degree angle so the mix of butter and oils pool at the bottom. Grab a tablespoon and start basting the top of the steak. After another minute flip it again and repeat the basting process. Flip it one more time for yes, you guessed it another minute. At this time check the meat by pressing it in the middle. Use your thumb as a guide. This part of the video was crazy but it works ! If the meat feels like the skin immediately at the end of your thumb closer to your wrist it’s done medium rare, if it feels like the base of your thumb closer to the wrist it’s done medium and if you’re steak feels like your wrist it’s well done. Let the steak rest for a few mins out of the pan so it can finish cooking in its juices. Don’t cut it until you’re ready to serve it so you can keep all the flavor. Believe it or not it works! The steak came out PERFECTLY ! Not that I doubted Gordon Ramsay, the guy is a culinary juggernaut but to do it and experience it myself made me feel like I can cook just like him ! The wife loved it ! 

A thing I do want to mention about this method is it makes ALOT of smoke ! So if you have a vent hood over your stove, turn it on, open some windows because if you don’t, you’re smoke detector might go off. 

Give it a try and let me know in the comments how things turned out ! I would love to hear about it !

Happy Cooking !!

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